Working for the well-being of international students !

Relying on its professional and student experience abroad, our team is fully aware of the challenge of expatriation and of the difficulties that you will meet.

France has a lot of assets but unfortunately, it might not be the easiest country to live in when you don’t know the specificities of the administrative system which is complex even for french people.

Actually, it’s one of the most bureaucratic countries in the world. It’s very difficult to find an accomodation and the welcoming and follow-up system for foreign people isn’t efficient at all.

We don’t want to discourage you from coming at all. On the contrary we are very happy that foreign people are interested in our country and want to live there, but we advise you to take a look at the solutions that we propose…you might sooner or later find them interesting.


Yuxuan, 26, China

Today, I can say I was very lucky to meet the FRANCE STUDENT SERVICES team when I was looking for my appartment. They helped me to find a place that was fitting my requirements which a lot of my foreign students friends couldn’t find. Plus they helped me communicate with the owner during the whole length of my stay in France. The fact that they can speak chinese is very convenient. Thanks to them again.

Ashley, 22, USA

It really makes you feel safe when someone who knows your name and speak your language is waiting for you at the airport after such a long trip, especially when you don’t know the country at all. The driver took my luggage and I just sat in the cab with my translator (who was speaking perfect English). Everything was just as easy as if I was still in my country. I’m very satisfied with FRANCE STUDENT SERVICES.

Youlia, 20, Russia

Thanks to FRANCE STUDENT SERVICES I could get a 200 euro grant every month to pay my rent. I didn’t know there were grants for foreign students in France, what a surprise ! It is very difficult to make the demand alone though because they require a lot of papers and ask you a lot of questions. None of them are translated… it seems like French people don’t even know how to speak English ! Anyway, it’s really worthy to pay 50 euros and then to get 200 euros every month. Thanks a lot.

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